How to Move Like a Celebrity


Have you ever thought about how a celebrity moves into a new home? As you probably guessed, Angelina Jolie and Eva Longoria don’t rent a van and haul things themselves or call up any ol’ mover. Instead, stars use a moving company that knows how to protect their privacy and recognizes that the details make the service. Here are five ways a celebrity move is probably different from yours:

1. Decoy moving trucks
Celebrities and other A-listers have always been concerned about security and privacy as paparazzi will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for even the slightest glimpse into one moving box. That’s why the stars choose a company that can deploy decoy moving trucks to throw off photographers. Stars trust movers who have been well trained to work with security and know that privacy is our most valuable possession.

2. Midnight moves
A moving company that caters to the stars must be able to arrive at any time, day or night, to pack and move a client. It is not rare for a celebrity (or an assistant) to make a phone call in the middle of the night to move a single piece of furniture to avoid any disruption to the star’s daily routine. Hollywood breakups call for specialty services, too. Movers have been asked to stop moving midstream and quickly hide boxes, so the star’s ex would see no evidence of the move occurring. No request is over the top. No request is undoable.

3. Photographic memory
My celebrity moving company not only packs and unpacks all of the star-studded belongings, we offer added services such as “photo perfect packing” in which every bookshelf, china cabinet, room layout, etc. is photographed. Movers then arrange everything in the new home to correspond as closely as possible to the previous layout. This includes anything from the positioning of picture frames to the lineup in the medicine cabinet; no detail is too small or insignificant. And of course, those photos are absolutely turned back over to the client at the end of the move.

4. Premium partnerships
By forming partnerships with other luxury services, my company also provides far more than just the relocation service. These star-studded partnerships provide celebrity pet care, to pamper the pooch and feline during packing and moving; nanny services, to keep kids safe, happy and entertained; and professional organizers to keep things in their place on both ends of the move.

5. Start-to-finish care
We also stick around after the move to provide interior design and home staging services to take clients through the ENTIRE moving process, decorating the new home and staging the old home to sell. Clients don’t need to hang their own flat screens. Geeks come with the packages too, ready to install the surround sound and hook up their wireless service. When the luxury movers leave the premises, everything must be working seamlessly.

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